The Bath baths.

Just got back from a camping holiday in Somerset.  Lovely part of the world.  I had time to explore Bath and Bristol this time round,  and I’m very glad I did! Fantastic citys,  clean and pleasant to visit.  The roman baths at Bath were fascinating,  and the Bristol aquarium is the best I have seen.  Bristol zoo gardens was also a great day out, the free flying fruit bat enclosure was particularly exciting! Overall I would recommend both city’s to anyone visiting the area,  and I look forward to my next visit!

Router ramblings.

I have been trying to get hold of a router that I can install DD-WRT onto. So far I have purchased a box of 6 possibly faulty routers. 4 of which are bricked, 1 is useless, and the last one…oh that last one. It is perfect for what I needed, and was working fine. Alas during my tinkerings it seems to have now stopped working.

So once again I am on eBay trying to find a bargain.

Please eBay gods, be kind !

Culling some RAM….

I have been having some BSOD issues recently. Turns out that I have managed to fry at least one module on my ram. And yes, this is the same ram I had issue with previously, I thought it deserved one last go. The pic is from a program called memtest86+. Needless to say that much red is a bad thing. Now I need to remove one stick at a time to find out which one is broken. Fun !


Humble pie

Go there now. Get some fantastic games, and help developers and charity.
They even give you keys so you can unlock the games on steam as well as the DRM free game and soundtrack downloads.
Buy it now.
Feel a little smug about it (its ok, its for charity).

Oh, and ‘amnesia: the dark descent’ is terrifying, still a good game though.

Remote control.

As an aside to my previous post I should just mention that android is amazing, and some of the apps available cement the feeling that we are indeed living in the future. Gmote is the perfect example. Works flawlessly, and let’s me control media on my pc from anywhere. I adore it. Hats off to the developers.
One last mini rant. HTC, sort out ics on the sensation de dammit ! It’s about as stable as a psychiatric ward.

Stability, fragility

I sometimes wonder why some systems work flawlessly, and others “fall over” at the first unexpected error. My laptop, for example, has worked perfectly (touch wood) since the day I got it. A near exact clone however, seems to pass out when shown a heap of data. Software seems to share this strange disparity. My free video codec pack will happily decode a full HD video file in the blink of an eye, and display the audio visual goodies held inside at the press of a button. Java however……don’t get me started with java. That’s a rant for another, rather long, post. I thought I had paid my technology dues, and that systems and software had become intelligent enough to just work together. Though it seems that I am cursed for the foreseeable future to wrestle tech together until it yields and works.

Data everywhere.

I usually try to keep data very organised. But it never seems to end up where you think you left it. Luckily it’s usually not far away.

Cloudy days

Looks like we have another competitor to the cloud storage market. Personally I am an avid Dropbox user. Its Fantastic, and i use it constantly. However Google are about to wade into the arena with Google Drive. Possibly launching today it is rumoured to give 5Gb free space. This is more than Dropbox, which offers 2Gb free. However Dropbox allowes referals and other methods of adding free space. My personal dropbox exceeds 10GB. I dont think i will be making the jump to Google Drive just yet.

This being said, cloud storage always seems under threat of late, following the demise of Megaupload. Google may have the advantage of being such a big company, it won’t simply dissappear overnight. But who knows !

Software updates

Received a free upgrade today for some software I purchased. The developer states “you buy the software, not a particular version of it”. Brilliant, just the way it should be.

To VNC or not to VNC.

I have been having issues of late accessing a remote machine using tightVNC. It’s software I have used a lot in the past, and found extremely useful. Yet I could not find why every time I connected, the remote machine crashed. Turns out it was windows firewall interfering with the connection, even though I had allowed all the relevant ports. Now that is sorted I can return to remotely managing a machine that is usually a good 20 mins drive away from me physically. It still feels like some sort of witchcraft !