3D Printing

Recently discovered that a lovely company called Printrbot have released an updated version of their simple 3d printer, now in metal.
So me and a friend bought one!
It is Fantastic!

The ability to make pretty much anything at home is amazing. Broke a shelf pin, print one. Broken a switch in the car, print a replacement. Want a snazzy stand for your games controllers?, model one and print it right at home!

I need to take some pictures of stuff that we have printed, including the printed upgrades to the printer itself!

We may have also already started playing with 3D scanning as well……

SSD post 1

Ive just got myself my first SSD. Hard to believe I know, I am a little behind the times. I have been running a 320GB Seagate Momentus XT in my main machine for a while now, and have been very happy with it. The recent price drops have meant that I can finally excuse the price premium and get myself a proper solid state drive. I have chosen a 120GB Samsung 840 Evo. I nearly took the plunge a few months ago with the original 840, but the write speeds and IOPS were not the best on the smaller capacity drives. With the Evo, through what i suspect can only be witchcraft and magic, have managed exceptional specs, even on the small capacity drives. Specs
Just waiting on my icy dock carrier to arrive monday, then I will update with installation pics. Exciting stuff!

Postcode woe

I am at the moment working my way through a huge set of postcode data for a client for mapping display.  While using postcodes is a great way of simply mapping locations,  I am often perplexed by the entire postcode schema.  Some are 7 characters,  some are 6 or less.  Some datasets use extra spaces to make all data 7 characters,  some don’t. This tends to raise problems when converting to coordinate points.  Still,  it’s all part of the challenge,  and can usually be overcome,  albeit with a fair amount of head scratching!


I’m Building a trolley for camping. It is designed to be collapsible when I reach my camp site, and breaks down into 3 component parts. The wheel, The handles, and the cradle.

So far the wheel assembly and the handles are ready, need to get creative with some tarpaulin origami for the cradle. Pics of progress below.

MCM London

Had an interesting weekend in London visiting the MCM Expo. The costumes people had made were amazing, the stalls interesting, and the artists and writers engaging and enthusiastic. Also, it was easily the friendliest group of 15 000 people I have been in the middle of. No barging or rudeness  just polite excuse mes and sorrys. A fun weekend, I shall be going again!

P.S. Pocky sticks are amazing snacks, if you ever see them, you should try them!

Gadget Show Live !

I have tickets to the gadget show live at the excel in London. I hope it is a hundred times better than LITS was last year, I felt robbed after that “show”. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new gear, and possibly buying some too !

Valves and Windows

I have recently decided that in the few moments of spare time I have to enjoy video games, I will re-visit the Half Life series. I have never played Half Life 2: Episode 2, so I’m giving that a shot. I would love to have time to replay the whole saga from the very beginning, Half Life is one of the fondest memories I have from my gaming childhood.

But I digress, I write to share with you a excellent tip that will allow you to play your favourite Valve game in a borderless window. Borderless windows are great in that they can be moved from screen to screen on a multi-monitor setup (You do have more than one monitor…..right?) , and they also allow you easy access to programs running in the background (Skype, Chrome etc.)

It is as simple as adding a line of text to your launch options in steam. Right click on the Valve game of your choice, choose properties, then launch options. The magic text is:

-window -noborder -novid       [ The -novid is not essential, but is another of my favourite Valve tips, it skips the Valve intro video]

And that’s it ! Enjoy !

The Bath baths.

Just got back from a camping holiday in Somerset.  Lovely part of the world.  I had time to explore Bath and Bristol this time round,  and I’m very glad I did! Fantastic citys,  clean and pleasant to visit.  The roman baths at Bath were fascinating,  and the Bristol aquarium is the best I have seen.  Bristol zoo gardens was also a great day out, the free flying fruit bat enclosure was particularly exciting! Overall I would recommend both city’s to anyone visiting the area,  and I look forward to my next visit!

Humble pie


Go there now. Get some fantastic games, and help developers and charity.
They even give you keys so you can unlock the games on steam as well as the DRM free game and soundtrack downloads.
Buy it now.
Feel a little smug about it (its ok, its for charity).

Oh, and ‘amnesia: the dark descent’ is terrifying, still a good game though.