SSD pt 2

So its been a little while since I installed the SSD in my main PC. It has been said before, but the difference is definitely noticeable. My previous boot disk was a Seagate Momentus XT. This disk has 4GB (8GB on later models) of NAND flash which is used as an automatically managed cache for the drive. That was a quick drive. But a good SSD, properly configured is worlds away. The multitasking ability of a solid state drive was the first thing I noticed. Windows says its still starting up, not a problem, launch chrome or outlook and its ready in the blink of an eye regardless. Startup times are a little better for me, but I do run a heap of services and startup programs. The Samsung software is excellent, and aids even first time SSD users with correct setup. The drive also lets you create additional over provisioning to lengthen the service life of the disk.

Ok, enough praise of the mighty SSD, back to enjoying it.