Valves and Windows

I have recently decided that in the few moments of spare time I have to enjoy video games, I will re-visit the Half Life series. I have never played Half Life 2: Episode 2, so I’m giving that a shot. I would love to have time to replay the whole saga from the very beginning, Half Life is one of the fondest memories I have from my gaming childhood.

But I digress, I write to share with you a excellent tip that will allow you to play your favourite Valve game in a borderless window. Borderless windows are great in that they can be moved from screen to screen on a multi-monitor setup (You do have more than one monitor…..right?) , and they also allow you easy access to programs running in the background (Skype, Chrome etc.)

It is as simple as adding a line of text to your launch options in steam. Right click on the Valve game of your choice, choose properties, then launch options. The magic text is:

-window -noborder -novid       [ The -novid is not essential, but is another of my favourite Valve tips, it skips the Valve intro video]

And that’s it ! Enjoy !