3D Printing

Recently discovered that a lovely company called Printrbot have released an updated version of their simple 3d printer, now in metal.
So me and a friend bought one!
It is Fantastic!

The ability to make pretty much anything at home is amazing. Broke a shelf pin, print one. Broken a switch in the car, print a replacement. Want a snazzy stand for your games controllers?, model one and print it right at home!

I need to take some pictures of stuff that we have printed, including the printed upgrades to the printer itself!

We may have also already started playing with 3D scanning as well……

SSD pt 3

So…Yeah….I got another one….

Let me explain myself. At the end of 2013 I was very close to getting myself a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. I hesitated and ended up waiting until the Evo drives were available. Then a couple of special offers came through from Amazon.co.uk. This meant that i could get 2 840 Evos for what I would have paid for one 840 Pro. While the Pro drives do use a more resilient flash chip and slightly faster read/write speeds these features weren’t really necessary for my humble home PC.

I have also got around the reduced resiliency by using RAID 0 striping. This should mean in theory that I get more read write cycles from each drive than if they were running solo.

Will update with a Pic of both in the caddy soon!

SSD pt 2

So its been a little while since I installed the SSD in my main PC. It has been said before, but the difference is definitely noticeable. My previous boot disk was a Seagate Momentus XT. This disk has 4GB (8GB on later models) of NAND flash which is used as an automatically managed cache for the drive. That was a quick drive. But a good SSD, properly configured is worlds away. The multitasking ability of a solid state drive was the first thing I noticed. Windows says its still starting up, not a problem, launch chrome or outlook and its ready in the blink of an eye regardless. Startup times are a little better for me, but I do run a heap of services and startup programs. The Samsung software is excellent, and aids even first time SSD users with correct setup. The drive also lets you create additional over provisioning to lengthen the service life of the disk.

Ok, enough praise of the mighty SSD, back to enjoying it.